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Bridging the gap between emerging filmmakers and the professional industry - online & offline

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Supporting the distribution and circulation of short films worldwide through online & physical activities, as a tool used by renowned short film distributors.

Promoting you in front of film professionals

Promoting you in front of film professionals
Through more than 15 partnerships with leading festival & markets.

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We hold events, panels, and discussions to equip filmmakers with practical tools to empower their stance in the industry.

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Films are protected using most advanced SSL protocols.

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Our programmers curate top-quality films for film festival programmers that ask our advice.

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T-Port is a non-profit online platform aimed at promoting films by emerging talents and to facilitate the distribution and circulation of short films within the professional film industry. The platform currently showcases more than 550 short films, made by independent filmmakers and students, including top festivals selection and award-winning films. As an industry tool, T-Port is restricted for professional use– i.e. festival programmers, TV buyers, VOD services, sales agents and distributors that are scouting for short films and talents, as well as producers, talent agencies and young talent promotion bodies, who are searching for the next discovery. For

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"T-Port stands alone as not only a scouting resource for the global film industry but as a one-stop platform from which film schools and their emerging filmmakers can merge their creative and business development to their best advantage. T-Port has created a short film community that is safe, secure and vital in bringing new work to the attention of those who are looking."
Kathleen McInnis
Programer/Curator, Strategic Festival Publicist
“T-Port is an excellent way to be in line with the newest generation of talented filmmakers that we want to support as a worldwide distributor and it’s definitely one of the best tools for up-and-coming filmmakers to make their voices heard and get discovered - I just love it!”
Francois Morisset
Distributor, Managing Director of Salaud Morisset
"Having been on the lookout for the talents of tomorrow for years now, T-Port truly opened a whole new spectrum of possibilities. It made my quest easier, more accessible and more comprehensive. I can only applaud T-Port for their efforts to push this still fairly unknown generation of filmmakers, at least internationally speaking, forward and supply them with a very accessible showcase that can only enhance and enrich their future careers."
Wim Vanacker
Producer, member of Cannes Short Film Selection Committee

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