Shoutout to independent & student filmmakers!

Worked tirelessly on your short film?
Hoped it would get noticed by the industry, yet your phone is not ringing?
Don’t give up – go to the light!

Professionals can now view your film online and contact you directly.

T-Port is a nonprofit online platform aimed at promoting emerging talents
and facilitating the distribution of short films within the professionals in the industry.

Got a short to upload?

Get your online film page & profile now

What do I get for registering my film?

Professionals exposure

More than 1500 professionals in our online community - A-list festival programmers, sales agents, distributors producers, buyers, etc. - all receive access to your film and can contact you directly.

Personalized film page & profile

A unique page you can edit, share and use as a useful tool to promote your works.

Secured streaming

T-Port films are accessible to professionals only, protected with most advanced SSL encryption protocol technologies.

Direct contact

The platform's intuitive interface allows direct communication between filmmakers and professionals - no fees involved!

Exclusive opportunities

Through more than 15 collaborations with leading institutions and festivals such as ARTE, Les Arcs Film Festival, Torino Short Film Market, Clermont-Ferrand Market, - we provide more opportunities to promote your film.

Nomination for T-Port Selection

Films uploaded to T-Port Market are automatically submitted for the consideration of T-Port Selection – a curated section that will be promoted to our professionals.

So… who can submit?

Just about anyone with a short film! Independent filmmakers / film students.

Which films are accepted?

Films that have been produced after January 1, 2019,
from any genre, or theme and that do not exceed 35 minutes.
See regulations for more details.

How does it work?

You Sign up & register your film
We bring the professionals.
They watch it. They contact you.

Upload fee per film: €12
Deadline: March 1, 2019

Regulations & Guidelines

Get your online film page & profile now


T-Port was initiated by Tel Aviv International Student Film Festival, in collaboration with Gesher Multicultural Film Fund.

Got a question? See our FAQ below or contact us:


Is my film going to be uploaded automatically to T-Port?

Yes. If your film fills all the requirements of our regulations, the film will be uploaded immediately to T-Port once you register it.

Where is my film going to be presented?

Your film will be showcased in our online market. Once you sign up and upload your film, You will receive your own film page and personal profile that you can also share outside of T-Port. (See can I share my film with individuals who are not T-Port members?’. Additionally, every film is also eligible to be considered for T-Port Selection – a section curated by our guest leading programmers that will be further promoted. See What it is T-Port Selection?.

Will my premiere/screening status be affected if I upload my film to T-Port?

No. T-Port restricts the viewing of the films to industry professionals only, therefore having your film on T-Port is not considered as a public screening, and should not compromise your chances to take part in other festivals because of this. This is similar to having a private link, but allows access for professionals who haven’t been exposed to the film yet.

How do you make sure my film gets seen?

Our efforts are twofold – online and offline:
Online – our online community includes more than 1500 film industry professionals who receive our newsletter with updates on new films uploaded, recommendations, etc. We also regularly update our community through our social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram and our blog. We put emphasis on attracting as many relevant professionals as possible. On the platform, we use innovative technological infrastructure to help professionals find exactly what they are looking for – through advanced search tools, customized recommendations, and more. If your film gets chosen for the T-Port Selection, you will gain even more exposure and opportunities for your film, for details see What it is T-Port Selection?

For you, this means your film details need to be as informative, accurate and updated as possible. In particular, details about festivals, awards, and other different programs your film takes part in. Films currently being screened in top festivals will be shown on ‘Festival Spotlight

Offline – We attend many of the leading festivals around the world, where we bring added value in promoting your films. We regularly attend major film festivals such as Cannes, Berlinale and Clermont-Ferrand, where we hold a variety of events, panels and one to one meetings in order to maximize the opportunities for your film.

We also hold partnerships with leading institutions such as the Les Arcs Talent Village (link) and the Torino Short Film Market in order to provide our filmmakers with exclusive opportunities to promote their films. Every year we also attend and partner with additional changing festivals, which included in recent years: POFF ,Go Short, Festival de Nouveau Cinéma, Watersprite, Vilnius Meeting Point, and many more. 

Since its initiation, T-Port has established itself as a leading platform for industry professionals around the world. It has proved itself as a useful tool for festivals and many other film establishments who are scouting films, producers who are looking for the ‘next talent’, or distributors interested in purchasing films through T-Port.

Who will be able to view my film?

Only verified Industry professionals and our selection team. Additionally, anyone you would wish to share the film with using our ‘share’ feature. See ‘can I share my film with individuals who are not T-Port members?

Who do you consider as an ‘industry professional’?

In general, individuals and company representatives who are involved professionally with the global film industry for the purpose of promotion and distribution of films. This includes, but not limited to, festival programmers and executives, sales agents, buyers, distributors, producers, film school executives.

How do you verify the identity of the users who watch the film?

All users go through a process of examination to verify their professional background and details. Filmmakers can only watch their own films and do not have access to view other films.

How do you make sure films on the platform are secured?

Every uploaded film is protected using the most advanced SSL encryption protocol technologies, and are stored in a secure server that can be accessed only to registered T-Port users, only on T-Port. Additionally, films are not downloadable and can only be accessed via streaming.

Do I permit T-Port the rights to distribute my film when I upload it?

Absolutely not. T-Port is only allowed to stream the films online on T-Port and to use parts of the film for promotional purposes. We will not publicly or commercially screen a film without consent of the owners of the films. For more details see our Terms of Use.

How do I know if someone is interested in my film?

When an industry professional is interested in your film, they may choose to contact you. In that case, you will receive a message directly to the email you’ve signed up with. We do not intervene in that process, it is the filmmaker’s responsibility and choice to handle it as s/he sees fit.

Is there a time limit for having my film on T-Port?

Yes. T-Port aims to present the most recent and newest films being made and is updated regularly. Your film will remain on T-Port for two years. If your film is selected to T-Port selection it will be featured there for one year.

What is T-Port Selection?

T-Port Selection is a curated section of films by leading professionals that will be further promoted to our professionals users. This is based on a pre-selection process. Our pre-selection team views and evaluates every film that is uploaded to T-Port. Answers regarding the chosen films for T-Port Selection will be given in April.

Can I share my film with individuals who are not T-Port members?

Yes you can! We even encourage it. You can share your film, along with your personal profile (including your filmography, pictures, items from the press and more) to individuals who aren’t T-Port members by doing the following steps. We recommend you to use this tool – as it is an effective way to promote your work within the industry.

Do you charge a fee?

Yes. A film upload costs €12.

Why do you charge an upload fee?

T-Port is a non-profit organization. The fees are used for maintaining our technical infrastructure and for our selection team who views the films.

How many films can I upload?

Every filmmaker can upload up to ten films per call. The fee is for each film upload.

I’m already a T-Port user, can I register my film to T-Port Lighthouse?

es. For more info go to “My Account”, and click on ‘Upload Guidelines’.

Which films are accepted?

Films that have been produced not earlier than January 2019 from any genre, or theme. Films cannot exceed 35 minutes. See regulations for more details.

I am a film student - can I submit my film?

Yes! Submissions are open for students and independent filmmakers, as long as you own the rights for the film, or have obtained the appropriate approvals for that. For more info see our regulations.
As we also work with film schools worldwide, we suggest checking if your school is a T-Port member. If it is – we recommend contacting your film school first regarding your film upload. For school registration

After I sign in to T-Port, will I be able to watch other films on the platform?

No. T-Port aims to facilitate short films for industry professionals only. Therefore, the viewing of films are restricted to industry professionals only. See Who do we consider ‘industry professional’?