What is T-Port?

T-Port is a first-of-its-kind online platform for film industry professionals, allowing them to watch student films from the best film schools around the world and contact their right-owners directly.

T-Port was initiated by the Tel Aviv International Student Film Festival (TSFF) in June 2017 in order to bridge the gap between film schools and the film industry worldwide.


I’m a film industry professional – should I sign up to T-Port?

Of course!

T-Port is the only place where you can browse through the best and most recent films of top film schools around the world, watch them, and contact the rights-owners directly for further inquiries. Our development team has created a system designed meticulously to suite your technical and operational needs.

T-Port allows you to search for the films and talents you’re looking for, using advanced filtering options such as length, language, genre, topics, awards, and many more.


How do I join T-Port?

Signing up to T-Port is easy. Just click the Sign Up button on the top right of the homepage screen, fill in the details, pay the subscription fee and wait for the T-Port team to approve your request. Your request will be approved in up to three business days.

I’m a film school – what do I get for joining T-Port as a Partner School?

Joining as a Partner School will benefit you greatly. It will allow your school exposure a vast community of industry professionals, who will be able to view the films and contact you directly. You will receive a branded School Page with the option to present up to 50 films a year. Click here For more information or contact us : info@tportmarket.com

Can I watch films even if I’m not an industry professional?

No. T-Port is a platform for film schools and industry professionals only, and it was created exclusively in order to promote student films professionally, before they become available for public screenings.


Who do you consider an industry professional?

In general, anyone who is involved professionally with the global film industry.  This includes, but not limited to, producers, sales agents, buyers, distributors, festival programmers & executives, film school executives, program managers in TV channels.


How do you know if I’m an industry professional?

Our team verifies your identity and the reliability of the details you provided upon registration.


What is the cost of a subscription to T-Port?

The cost of a yearly subscription is 20 Euros. This allows you to watch all the films in T-Port and contact the right-owners. No extra fees.


Does T-Port charge any commission from transactions?

No. Any transaction or a deal between a school and a customer will be made directly.


Why making a platform for student films?

Each year, thousands of student films are produced around the world, creating a reality in which film schools function as the main production companies for short films. Many of these, being daring and original films, are screened in the most prestigious festivals and win significant awards, becoming the most effective business card for the young filmmakers. However, today, when looking for new and exciting shorts, industry professionals discover that it is almost impossible to locate them, as they are scattered between numerous catalogues of different festivals. If and when located, contacting the rights owners can be very challenging, and watching them online is almost out of the question. T-Port was created to solve this and in order to bridge this gap between film schools & commercial film industry.



Won’t uploading student films affect their chances to participate in festivals?

Absolutely not. Since T-Port is a closed platform for industry professionals only, and cannot be accessed publicly, it does not harm the chances of the film to participate in festivals.

The films are stored on a secure server and cannot be accessed unless you are a registered T-Port user. Each user goes through a process of approval before being confirmed. Moreover, the films are not downloadable and can only be accessed via streaming.


I’m a film student and I wish to join T-Port and upload my films. Can I sign up?

Unfortunately, no, as T-Port was built for schools and film industry professionals. However, if your school is still not a member in T-Port, we encourage you to approach your school’s executives and recommend T-Port.


Who is behind T-Port?

T-Port is an initiative of the Tel Aviv International Student Film Festival (TSFF).

The Festival was established in 1986 as an initiative of students from the Film & Television Department of Tel Aviv University and grew to be the largest film festival of its kind and one of the most important student film festivals in the world. The festival constitutes a profound and wide-ranging meeting place for more than 500 international young filmmakers, 250 participating films from over 50 countries and notable leading filmmakers from both local and international film industries. Since its establishment the festival has been concerned with promoting young artistry and granting as many opportunities as possible for young filmmakers around the world.


Is there a section for independent short films?

Not yet. But further developments of the project will include one.


What about feature length student films?

Each school may upload up to 50 of its films, on any length. This includes feature student films. Every school is responsible for which films to upload.


Which film schools are currently on T-Port?

The complete and updated list can be found here.